Slot machine test: Anubix

Certainly the theme of this slot will not surprise you, because it is relatively common in slot machine casinos to train. Once again sends you Naidoo in the good old Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, and hopefully a lot of treasures. Anubix can keep quite, because there are only a few lines, but good and a few icons, so that actually quite often gains will be the result of your spins. You can play for free also Anubix at Star Games, but it certainly also makes sense if you maybe play one or other real money. At least there are not only good icons, but also a few extras that make it even more exciting. So there is not only a symbol of superseding wild or a gain multiplier, but also the opportunity rich free spins. And also in Anubix are of course free spins the great trump card with which you can come to win big. To play, you need to be a registered customer at the Casino in any case, can also use play money Anubix. Alternatively you have to recharge your account just to go on real profit hunting.

Play Anubix online now!

Play Anubix online

The game Anubix reinvents the genre of game machines not new, what both in terms of content as it relates to the function. But it mattereth not, because the game should work just fine and give you good odds. And this creates Anubix in any case. The game with five payline being equipped, scattered across the five reels. Three of the lines run horizontally, the others go also diagonal paths. The winning lines will be important after a turn, because it wins not only a certain combination, but only then, if this even on one of the lines, where a winning line always on the first reel must begin.

You make the rolls rotate in each round. You stop automatically and in the best case then even a winning displays. This is always the case when same symbols in Anubix lie side by side. The higher the value of a symbol, the higher can also profit fail. But just as your use, which is also taken into account as a factor for the calculation of profit is also crucial.

Slot game symbols in the Anubix online slot

There are different symbols in Anubix, which differ in the function and the value. Symbols that appear more often, take smaller profits. On the other hand, there are the valuable motifs, which of course do not often appear likely to. Four letters and the ten form the basis of symbols in addition it is already interesting, because the image icons bring better profits. But not about Anubix brings the highest profit, but the woman who is at the same time also a Joker. The God of Anubis as profit Doubler and the scarab beetle can provide you with free games.

Slot machines instructions by Anubix

Anubix is easy to play, because you have to look after basically only to turn and the bets. It's easily by hand. Before you start but first you must register in the Casino. This is quickly done, but then is the question of whether you want to play Anubix for real money. If so, it needs before a charging of your account. Then you set only your usage and the rollers work.

Conclusion with regard to the Anubix test

Naidoo will win any prize for originality with this game, but it mattereth not conveniently. It is only important that the mechanism works well and there are really good odds. It can be worthwhile for you so, to play at least a few round Anubix. Of the graphics and presentation, there is certainly nothing to complain about.